The Courtship of the Wind and Desert

I’m but a pathetic being
Incarcerated within a love that’s long gone.
Much like a sandstorm blowing across the desert;
In the same vein as you dancing across my heart;
The wind may have left the desert
But the sand dunes left behind are evidences of the epic scale
In which the wind and desert had once courted each other
And that their fervent love had once existed and isn’t just a mirage or myth.


Heaven is when I’m with you

With my back against you,
cradle me in your arms,
hold me close and let me
feel the rhythm of your heart.

With those big hands of yours,
hold mine firmly in them,
and let me feel your clasp
on this tiny heart of mine.

Lean in close on my face,
kiss me hard from behind,
on my cheeks, and mouth too,
with those luscious lips of yours.

Turn me gently around,
and let me gaze deeply,
into those divine eyes
that will melt me everytime.

The scent of your body,
and its taste as I run
my lips down your contour,
is simply sheer Ambrosia.

Lie down here next to me
and let me hug you tight.
Close your eyes and cuddle,
feeling our body warmth.


A state of bliss, it seems for now,
but how long will this fleeting dream last?

For he is like the silvery goddess
that beams down from the skies upon the lake,
heavenly and perfect
but also illusory and transient,
out of reach and doomed to disappear
before the sun next races its chariot across the skies.





The thunder thuds along with the rhythm of my heart.
The storm outside rages just like the one in my heart.
There’s no safer haven other than in your embrace.
And I hope the stars will guide my wish into your dreams.


As I lay in bed, waiting for the embrace of slumber, uncertainty fills my mind as thy heart wavered in the onslaught of the desires caving in.

Like the lovelorn fool that I am, I could compose and write you a thousand love letters, but if your heart’s not listening, my words would never reach you beyond the surface interpretation~

I will just let the wind carry my words away,
let the sea wash them away
and finally, let the earth bury them deep down away~