My handwritten statement for the 3rd charge

Got served 1 more charge today for stalking (online) with a maximum of 2 years imprisonment. So if anyone’s keeping count, my current (2nd) case now has 3 charges of stalking, each charge of max 2 years, bringing it to max 6 years. And adding in the 2 months of remission period to pay back due to re-offending during the early release, that brings it to max of 6 years 2 months I’m facing now. As usual, I was asked to write a statement for this charge today and I had to write it on the spot so pardon the sentence fragments. Reproduced my handwritten statement (to the police) verbatim as per below:

The victim in this offence that I am charged for is my ex-boyfriend, Jeremy, with whom I was in a relationship with for four years. I had made the online post with no malice; I did not have any intentions other than to get Jeremy’s attention because I have no other channels of communication to reach him. I did not make any post that disparages his character or integrity and I did not make any false claims in what I had posted. It was mostly just a rant about my feelings towards the dissolution of a 4-year relationship, there was no abusive language used and there was no intentional attempt at sullying his reputation. It was a pensive lamentation on our breakup which had affected me greatly because when we were together for those 4 years, we would see each other everyday and even when we were separated by physical distances and vast oceans, we would at least be able to talk to each other via webcam or messages. It was akin to a symbiotic existence and when we broke up and there was no way for me to reach out to him, due to the fact that he had blocked me off everywhere imaginable, the only way to reach him was to get his attention through making an online post. This was also because of the fact that I could not even look for him in person (otherwise I would have used that alternative instead). Because if I did, he would call the police upon seeing me, to ask the authorities to arrest me for stalking him. I had honestly exhausted all other means to reach him peacefully and this was my last resort. I had even gone to the Singapore Mediation Centre to seek their assistance in resolving our issues and although they initially said they could invite Jeremy down for a session, they later declined upon knowing that mine was already a case that’s facing charges. I am not an unreasonable person, I’m not forcing Jeremy to be together with me again, I just hope that he will forgive me and allow me to be able to contact him again, even if not now, at least some time in the future. I’m not a recalcitrant offender who’s bent on breaking the law. I had worked for a year in the Singapore Police Force before, screening criminal records and was also in the Military Police during my National Service of 2 years. I do know what’s right and wrong and I haven’t lost my ability to differentiate that. I do admit that my actions were wrong; they were done on impulse and were rash actions based on my emotions rather than logic. I do feel remorseful for my actions. It is hard to express in words the intangible constituent makeup of our relationship but I hope that the pathos of any human heart that has gone through a devastating heartbreak is able to empathise with me. I am sorry and thank you for reading my plea.