A state of bliss, it seems for now,
but how long will this fleeting dream last?

For he is like the silvery goddess
that beams down from the skies upon the lake,
heavenly and perfect
but also illusory and transient,
out of reach and doomed to disappear
before the sun next races its chariot across the skies.





Evening Sky

The backdrop was made up of the setting sun with a base colour of yellow over it and then further compounded with an overlayer of pink that tinges the tips of the clouds and dominates the sky with a pinkish glow, making it a truly pink-coloured sky. And then there are the evening clouds floating on top of all these layers. The clouds are so fluffy, they look like those in heaven that stretched for long miles in the sky. Looking at the dreamy fairytale-like scene was like looking at a canvas made up of a multitude of colours that announced the temporary departure of the sun from the celestial sky; grand and befitting for the central figure of the the heavens.


The thunder thuds along with the rhythm of my heart.
The storm outside rages just like the one in my heart.
There’s no safer haven other than in your embrace.
And I hope the stars will guide my wish into your dreams.


As I lay in bed, waiting for the embrace of slumber, uncertainty fills my mind as thy heart wavered in the onslaught of the desires caving in.

Like the lovelorn fool that I am, I could compose and write you a thousand love letters, but if your heart’s not listening, my words would never reach you beyond the surface interpretation~

I will just let the wind carry my words away,
let the sea wash them away
and finally, let the earth bury them deep down away~


As the sun struggles to let out its last rays of light, the sky changes from the soothing blue into an orange and pinkish glow. This is but an intermediate transient colour for it would soon change again, finally settling on a colour dark enough to befit the mysterious night. The sky’s like a giant piece of canvas for the creator to paint his palette of colours. Twilight soon follows and fills in the gap between sunset and night, led on cue by the appearance of stars. The stars, they have always been there, even during daytime but their brilliance were outshone by the sun. It is only when eventide draws nigh, that we notice they’re there. They become a guidance for us both metaphorically and literally as since ancient times, navigators have used them to pinpoint their location. I’ve once heard that ‘shooting stars’ fall because they’ve carried too many wishes as people often confide in them their dearest wishes. If that’s the case, stars are really much greater than a speck of light in the night sky. They’re there all the time, silently providing light even during daytime when we’re unaware of their presence. Isn’t it wrong of us to notice them only when the night lifts the veil covering the stars? Or only when we need them to give us directions? Or worse, only when they finally burn out and fall to their death?

盧廣仲 – 好想要揮霍 (陳綺貞作詞)

這歌是陳綺貞寫的詞,難怪覺得詞好好。尤其是這句“家徒四壁,是甚麼包圍空虛”呈現的畫面感足以把空虛,an intangible concept,立體形成人們能想像的一間房子面對著空蕩蕩的四面牆像把空虛都囚禁著,from intangible to something tangible,這就是作詞人的力量。陳綺貞2013年《時間的歌》專輯還儲存在我手機裡,12首高品質的歌。



Baby, 午夜夢醒 家徒四壁

誰來 救我

Ed Sheeran ÷

Finished listening to Ed Sheeran’s ÷ album. I think that the 4 tracks on the deluxe edition really should have been included on the standard edition because they’re better than some of the ones there and excluding them means a slower bpm on the standard edition because there are so many slow songs on it.

My favourite songs on the album in descending order are:
1. ‘Save Myself’ which reminds me of ‘One’
2. ‘Dive’ which reminds me of ‘Thinking Out Loud’
3. ‘Perfect’ which reminds me of ‘Photograph’

‘Perfect’ also has a melody which reminds me of Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. Currently leaning towards ‘Save Myself’ as my favourite song on ÷ because of how good and brutally honest the lyrics are. Just the (below) opening line alone is enough to take my breath away and leave me in awe of the songwriting talents behind this song.

“I gave all my oxygen to people that could breath
I gave away my money and now we don’t even speak”

I checked the credits for ‘Save Myself’ and it was written by Labrinth :O No wonder the lyrics are equally compelling as Labrinth’s own ‘Jealous’. It’s a pity (and a mistake in my opinion) that this song is only on the deluxe edition of the album which means not everyone will hear it.

The other two ballads ‘How Would You Feel (Paean)’ and ‘Supermarket Flowers’ are good too, with ‘Supermarket Flowers’ beng about the death of Ed’s grandmother, written from the perspective of his mother. It adds a moment of poignant vulnerability to the album otherwise polished with glossy production and beats.

‘What Do I Know?’ is social commentary piece with a catchy beat. The song’s central theme which is expressed by the line “Love can change the world in a moment” is an admirably noble (albeit unrealistic) theme that recalls to mind similar themes echoed in John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. But it does add a cheeky undertone to the song by following up that aforementioned line immediately with “but what do I know?”

But to be honest, overall I actually thought his + and x albums were better. Because comparing track for track, ‘Eraser’ is obviously weaker against ‘You need me, I don’t need you’, and the above ballads I mentioned, they’re good but still weaker than his songwriting peak form in ‘The A Team’ (on +) and ‘One’ (on x). Similarities between his songs and others’ have already come up: ‘Shape of you’ against Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ but at least the songs weren’t really as similar as the case was for ‘Photograph’ and ‘Thinking Out Loud’ respectively.