I am of course fully aware that a lot of people think that I deserve to go to jail and won’t pity me even the slightest bit. Seems empathy is a dying trait in this world. Do you really need to wish harm on someone just because they’ve done harm onto others? Think about it. Does killing someone who committed manslaughter or even murder really gonna do anything? It’s still an overall deficit in the system. It’s not gonna balance out anything, you just end up with two dead people instead of one. Just because they’ve done harm, it doesn’t mean that we should expect the legal system to do harm to them too. If so, then we are no different than the orignal perpetrator; an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, that just makes us sadists watching the perpetrator be punished and deriving satisfaction by convincing oneself that justice is meted out and that they deserve the punishment they get. Why is the focus always on the punishment? Why isn’t the focus instead centered on helping the prosecuted person out? Such as understanding what led them to commit the act they’re prosecuted for. Punishing a person in the form of incarceration and depriving them of any privileges seem barbaric and archaic compared to rehabilitating them.


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