As the sun struggles to let out its last rays of light, the sky changes from the soothing blue into an orange and pinkish glow. This is but an intermediate transient colour for it would soon change again, finally settling on a colour dark enough to befit the mysterious night. The sky’s like a giant piece of canvas for the creator to paint his palette of colours. Twilight soon follows and fills in the gap between sunset and night, led on cue by the appearance of stars. The stars, they have always been there, even during daytime but their brilliance were outshone by the sun. It is only when eventide draws nigh, that we notice they’re there. They become a guidance for us both metaphorically and literally as since ancient times, navigators have used them to pinpoint their location. I’ve once heard that ‘shooting stars’ fall because they’ve carried too many wishes as people often confide in them their dearest wishes. If that’s the case, stars are really much greater than a speck of light in the night sky. They’re there all the time, silently providing light even during daytime when we’re unaware of their presence. Isn’t it wrong of us to notice them only when the night lifts the veil covering the stars? Or only when we need them to give us directions? Or worse, only when they finally burn out and fall to their death?


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