RoboCop (2014)

Caught the premiere of the remake of Robocop. Must say it exceeded my expectations, given that I thought the trailer looks bad. But as often is the case, never judge a movie by its trailer! It’s a pretty good remake from a director with a good track record. I think with this remake, the franchise will find a new generation of fans. It raises several interesting questions about the peseverance of the human soul. What is the limit of this entity known as a soul? Just how much can it endure before it succumbs to the outer controlling forces? Does it survive even past the limitations of the human body; when all physical aspects are lost, when even the brain itself is not even intact, is the soul still able to thrive under such overwhelmingly inhabitable conditions? And this is but one aspect of the movie. The film also explores issues of corruption, trust and familial bonds.
Some parts of the film reminded me of Total Recall (planting of memories/loss of self identity), Terminator (humans vs machines concept), Iron Man (rebuilt from the brink of death) and Minority Report/Dredd (in its self-contained one-man-judging of criminals).


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