Gravity + Best Picture

For films nominated for the upcoming oscar’s best picture, my current favourite is still ‘Gravity’, followed by ‘Her’, and next ‘Philomena’ and then ‘America Hustle’. Gravity is still my top pick because if you really think about it, you’ll realise how hard it is to make a movie about the emptiness of space, an abstract quality that doesn’t translate easily to screen. How do you make the audience feel the effects of this intangible thing known as Gravity and to also fully realise the vast nothingness and loneliness of space? Alfonso Cuaron managed to do just that. Of course the jaw-dropping visual spectaculars help but this is not just about the visuals because having nice visuals does not always equate to a good film, as evidenced by the case of Avatar. It’s about a human’s desperate struggle to survive in space, a stage where there is nothing else, no one else to rely on but your own instincts and that scenario forces the main character (played by Sandra Bullock) stuck in that situation to have to confront the problems she tried to run away from on Earth. Afterall, there is no place for you to hide in space and the saying ‘no one can hear you scream in space’ can’t be more true here. And I caught this movie at Cathay Platinum Suites last year which really provided the perfect setting to experience this movie. The wide screen is really optimum for the full experience of space. Take for example the opening shot, as the character drifted slowly from far away in the background to the front, the scene is simply breathtaking and highlighted the beauty of space very well. Thus, I really think Gravity should win Best Picture for being a landmark film.


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