Finished watching this powerful film last night. The film’s 4 main actors gave top-notch acting performances, no wonder then that all 4 of them received Academy Award nominations for this film (a pity that none of them won though). It was deeply satisfying seeing Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman go up against each other in a showdown of their acting skills, both always at the top of their game. Each represented an extreme end, Meryl represented traditional conventions and merciless in pursuit of justice whereas Philip represented new ideologies and compassion. Both acting greats in their own right, when crashed together, they produce earth-shattering effects, even making the light bulb go out in one scene (literally). Amy Adams also did a fine job acting as the middle ground between these two extremes. Which other film allows you to see these two acting juggernauts pit their honed skills against each other? Just the two scenes where they shout and exchange arguments, fighting with words instead of punches, are enough to warrant this film a must-watch. This is real acting, great acting, the kind of stuff that goes into Hollywood legends.


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