Animated Films

First place on my all-time favourite animated films list is Wall-E. It’s hard for another film to topple this film’s place in my heart. That film has almost no dialogue and it’s still capable of showing the love between 2 robots and at the same time, teach us a lesson about saving the Earth (which Avatar also claims it does but everyone knows that’s nonsense). A silent film (albeit not completely silent) about robots in love is quite an accomplishment.
Second place on my all-time favourite animated films list is Up. Just the first 10 minutes of the movie showing montages of the couple growing old together, already had me in tears. This part similarly had no dialogue, just a fast-forward kind of video montage and an amazingly heart-wrenching score. To have the audience so emotionally engaged (and had me in tears) when the movie has only just started is no easy feat. And not to forget they have really lovable characters like the super cute and chubby Russell together with Carl, an old man who’s reminded of how to be happy again after he lost the love of his life, Ellie.
Third place on my list is Toy Story 3. Being the third (and possibly last?) of the series, it had a question that’s always running at the back of the viewer’s minds as the film progressed; “what’s going to happen to the toys when Andy leaves for college?” It had an emotionally satisfying ending at the end which was really touching by all counts.


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